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How pleasant this serene warm April afternoon is- almost like another place. Or time, whichever. Chairs out on the patio at the cafe, meaning room for me inside even on a Sunday, where I read Jonathan Harker having conniptions. (Do any of the Dracula movies actually show the Count doing the housework? Making beds is not what one thinks of when one thinks of Bela Lugosi.) And, Rites of Spring-like, finished cleaning off my front porch and put a bunch of last year's leaves in a garden waste bag. It begins. Alas. I am not a gardener, and even my philodendra, that hardy plant, are apt to droop and die.

Spent some time at Mark's Warehouse, theoretically looking for work pants. And found them, pin-striped, because men's loungewear always fits better than men's, or women's, anything. But also debated various replacements for my normal in-between jacket, hoping for waterproof. The current one, all purple and teal and bought at a yard sale and beginning to rip, is 'water-resistant', meaning 'sodden wet in an instant.' Sodden also is the plastic-y shell got in the late 90s. I was tempted by the hi-vis work jacket but finally rejected it- no style, too stiff, no guarantee of impermeability- in favour of a very lo-vis black jacket with no style and no guarantee ('water-resistant' again) but a pocket sleeve and a lighter feel. Besides, it's not my top that needs keeping dry so much as my legs. Bought a pair of waterproof rain pants as well that seemed to fit.

Getting home I found the teal jacket much larger than the one I bought, because the former was made in Canada and the latter in Indonesia. Can I bear to let it go? in spite of rips and too many pockets so I always think I've lost my keys? And the rain pants are exactly the same as the ones I have which I was convinced were too small. I took out the inexplicable lining of my old rain pants and they fit fine, though perhaps not so much if worn over baggy pants. Shall return new rain pants and buy another larger size of the pinstripes, because finally looked at label and discovered '100% cotton' meaning sure to shrink even in cold water.

But really, she grumbles, all this was much easier 20 pounds ago, ie last year. My weight is redistributing itself again, so things bought when I was 5 kilos heavier than this suddenly don't fit either. Age. Sucks.
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