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I should do that 7-7-1-1 meme, except...

Seven things I did today:
1. Tidied my Word files so the few docs I need I can find more easily. And then was hit by a backwash of nostalgia at having spent the morning at my computer playing with Word docs

2. Finally got to TGH for the test my doc wanted me to have last January- an EEG, was it? But it wasn't in the computer at Admissions, and up on the 8th floor everyone was at lunch so I couldn't ask what it was.

3. Decided I wouldn't ever read The Hundred Year Old Man etc etc, nor its companion piece about the King of Sweden (and yes, I looked at the text and that's why I decided no- reads 'translated from the Swedish', oddly enough) and stuck them in the Wee Free Toushoukan across the street.

4. Brought my CoECE membership renewal notice in to work, and was asked where the form was. They didn't send me the form. Evidently it's 'Download and print it yourself' though they didn't even say that much, the thieving skinflints. (Do not ask me about our 'professional' college of early childhood education. Cash grab, pure and simple.)

5. More happily, learned that the idiot min.ed has decided not to implement proposed changes that would have defined a toddler as 12 to 24 months old, and preschoolers (at a 1:8 ratio) as anything over two. Cash grab, pure and simple; no knowledge of child development required.

6. Boiled edamame and had with leftovers for dinner. Edamame are supposed to be fat busters, but then so is kefir, and I don't think it is.

7. Wrote this entry?

Saw nothing notable, heard nothing notable, created nothing notable. It's turning into April and I've already forgotten the glories of pseudo-November.

As for the usual Wednesday memeage:
What have you just finished?
Conference of the Birds

What are you reading now?
Yu, Aunty Lee's Chilled Revenge.
-A third Singapore-set mystery.

-I know I should read this in Japanese, because it's beginning to sound exactly like every other Murakami in translation, and because four years ago I noted how off the translation sounded when compared with the Japanese. But but but... I want to know what *happens*.

Have agreed with myself to read a chapter of Magnifico a week, which works well.

What will you read next?
Best American science fiction and fantasy 2015 is on its way to my library, but I expect it to be a doorstopper, so also The Killing Moon as my travel book.
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