mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Woken at 6:30 by a call from a criminally obliging child who said *of course* she could do a morning shift and then write a three hour final exam on, oh I forget- molecular biology or something, instead of flatly saying 'Not available Friday'- and then discovered that actually, she needed a few more hours to review. But if she had, I'd have been given the shift and slept badly the night before and woken with a headache facing three hours of unhappy infings. Whereas I was awake already with twinging tooth (I suspect dry socket) and more than happy to have my mind taken off same.

So day spent reasonably happily, followed by wine from the liquor store: a French white that doesn't quite live up to the staff's rhapsodies. But can afford to splurge a little. And is the weekend, and supposed to snow on Sunday. February may have broken heat records, but April is determined to be the winter we didn't get.
Tags: rl_16

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