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You take what you get

'Ah,' I said in relief when I got up, 'the roads are clear, that snow didn't happen after all.' At which a few flakes drifted down from the sky. 'Ah,' I said, 'it's a fine snow flurry, I should be able to bike.' At which the world suddenly whited-out. 'Ah,' I said, and put on my boots to walk to physio. With my unreliable second-best cane, because of course I forgot my best one at work yesterday.

But the snow did indeed turn to rain, and two hours later I was able to bike, in shoes, to work. Not that I was working today, but dentist's hand-out said worst swelling happens 48 hours after extraction, and it did, and rather than mope loose-ended at home, I went off to be distracted by charming young things. And a tangle of stitches, which were supposed to 'dissolve in a week', came loose and had to be cut out. The sort of thing one wants to be distracted for.

What have you just finished?
Charles R Saunders, Dossouye. Much more to my taste than the Imaro series, possibly because Imaro is (sorry, Mr. Saunders) such a brainless Conan-type. Dossouye is modelled after the women warriors of Dahomey and most of the stories deal with the sort of spirits in the bush that Tutuola and Fagunwa talk about, which gives me a nice sense of Flow. Wish I knew if the vocabulary is also authentic Fon, or if it's partly invented.

What are you reading now?
Enh. Aaronovitch's Remembrance of the Daleks impresses me as a 'you had to be there' kind of work. Who *are* all these people?

As for ongoings, Magnifico is slow; is possibly not what I wanted to read. 1Q84 is fantoddier and fantoddier: am in a section I'd mostly forgotten, for good reason. And I really think I'll take The Uncanny Reader back unfinished, because it's not helping at all.

What will you read next?
Have Mathieu Ricard's Happiness out of the library, for a brush-up on the second noble truth. There's another Auntie Lee mystery on the way for pickup. But I really should get on with The Killing Moon, both for reading challenge and shelf-clearing reasons.

And speaking of shelf-clearing, had a look at a couple of Tanith Lees that Nicholls has been reviewing, and um really, much too rich for my palate now. The Wee Free Library can have most of my Paradys volumes.
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