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Reading Charles Williams' Descent into Hell. Williams' morally superior characters are less flatfooted and annoying than CS Lewis', and certainly less than Dorothy Sayers' Peter and Harriet with their little minuets of oneupmanship: 'my quivering moral sensibilities are more delicate than *your* quivering moral sensibilities. Observe me make allowances for a moral scruple I'm assuming you possess though of course neither of us must ever mention its existence because we're far too delicate for that.'

However that Williams fails to grate may be only because his writing is so opaque that it's hard to say wherein the moral superiority of his morally superior characters lies. One morally superior character in DiH has just turned into a mountain. This is accounted virtue in her. OK, I say, whatever. Wish I could find my copy of Death Note 2. Cause no one *there* is moral, period.
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