mjj (flemmings) wrote,

An up side to mental confusion

Turns out I don't need a root canal on the tooth that lost its crown because I already had a root canal on it. What I need is to have the root taken out. But no especial rush as long as it isn't bothering me, and so I'm spared intimate poking around in an area already reacting to allergens. The non-existent tooth next to it- the one covered by a bridge- chronically twinges as the trees bud and the sinuses fill. Dentists don't believe this can happen, of course, but of course it does.

In other news, my local coffee house will no longer be open in the mornings and no longer a coffee house. Its soothing blue walls have already been painted black in expectation of becoming a Mexican food-serving bar. Good-bye, happy haven of four years ago; I shall miss you. Luckily west coffee house still exists, even though its croissants are no match for east's long-vanished ones.
Tags: place, rl_16

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