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The Luddite's techno triumphs and despairs - Off the Cliff

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Sun Mar 13th, 2016

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07:07 pm - The Luddite's techno triumphs and despairs
Cell phone kept pinging me last night to say my SIM card was full, delete some messages, which was what it said the night before. Then it pinged me tp say I had no SIM card. Am told phones get Alzheimery this way. Succeeded in removing SIM card and putting it back in, in spite of lack of fingernails, and was permitted to sleep at last.

Needed to print out my online acupuncture receipts. Called them up, found the print button in Chrome, clicked, nothing happened. Tried it again. And again. And again. Finally jammed paper right into the printer's maw. Printer consented to print. Successfully found button to tell printer not to print 24 more pages.

Got to wondering if the gov't would send me tax receipts for my OAS and CPP. Navigated Canada Revenue's annoying webpage and found they would-- by the end of February. Middle of March now, oh dear. But if you register for their online whatsit using an online bank acct, you can see all your tax forms to date. Did: which required getting my bank card to talk to the webpage, finding my cheque-book so as to get my acct number (online banking won't tell you what it is), finding my social insurance number which I should have memorized by now, and hauling out last year's tax return so as to enter in the number on line 121. After jumping through these hoops successfully, I receive the message that my CRA security code has been assigned and I'll get it in the mail in 8-10 business days. 'For security reasons' they can't send it by email; as if Canada Post didn't regularly deliver to the wrong address, or fail to deliver at all.

And after all that, Chrome deleted the saved password to my online bank account, so I had to reset the whole thing. Which I did, getting the merry note: Do not write this number down!! Dear heart, failing to write it down was why I had to reset it in the first place.

(Of course, then I went downstairs, pawed through my stack of tax stuff, and unearthed the T4A in question. No doubt the hoop-jumping was good practice. I would still like a stiff G&T.)
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Date:March 14th, 2016 02:05 am (UTC)
So many hoops. So many, many hoops.

Every time the internet and network at our workplace wobble, we look at each other and comment on the glory of the paperless office. (Okay, admittedly it doesn't happen very often, but boy do we comment when it does.)
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Date:March 14th, 2016 03:00 am (UTC)
The sadistic soul of bureaucracy finds its apogee in the complications of online forms. Frustrate and torment them to death, with no need to even see their faces.

Oh yes- the paperless office. Unbalanced by a reliable server, or even an energy source.

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