mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wednesday comes but once a week

What have you just finished reading?
The Prose Edda, selections of, because no one really wants to know about all those kennings. Prose because the introduction says it's older than the poetic edda, and I'm sure it helps to know the stories first before trying to deal with them in poetic form.

Still makes me think, as Myth and Legend in Ireland did, that the heroic/ bronze/ iron ages in the north were not known for their high level of civilized behaviour. Heroes rarely are, but these guys are worse than most.

What are you reading now?
License to Quill, which I think I'm going to drop. For all the author's reading and footnotes, the thing really is intended as 007 pastiche, and I don't know enough Bond to get the jokes. Also it makes me want to reread Armor of Light.

White Teeth, which I think I'm going to finish soon, because 'a chapter a week' is not a good idea for someone as short-memoried as myself.

The Language of Threads, by Gail Tsukiyama. Set in '30s Hong Kong, a sequel to another book, about the hard lives of women. Why do I buy these books? Oh well. Will add to my challenge stats.

What will youread next?
I have urges to read that biography of Lorenzo de' Medici, though it's another bloodthirsty era. Truly, all those 'what era would you like to live in?' quizzes can only be answered with 'right now, thanks.'
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