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The fake legal complaint scam has hit Canada; I've twice had the same message left for me. No idea who it's from because the pre-recorded message starts as soon as my phone picks up and *my* pre-recorded message erases the first five seconds of it. First time, I knew it couldn't be legit because, yanno, warrants are served in person, not by vague messages over the phone. But, innocent that I obviously am, I couldn't see any *point* in advising someone there's a legal case against them if there isn't. Finally thought to google. The scammers offer to settle the case if you give them money: which, umm, might actually work if lawyers didn't run in your family. I mean, people do give money to get millions out of Nigeria, so they might give money to settle non-existent law cases.

But I'm seriously tempted to change my phone number now, after nearly thirty years. Only who knows what history would come attached to someone else's old number? The last state of the man might very well be worse than the first. (And no, I won't ditch my landline, for the same reason I'd never live in a high-rise: Toronto gets a not insignificant number of blackouts and will get more as the climate worsens.)
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