mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Long short week

Something vaguely malaisy has had me since yesterday- being woken at 8 am by a text should not result in aches and exhaustion for the following 36 hours. Then again, could be weather- snow, pressure changes, temperature changes, the lot.

What did you finish this week?
Master Skylark, *finally*. And will probably have to keep it for the compare and contrast of its semi-archaic language against Cue for Treason's brisk 20th century diction, and the somewhere in-between of The Player's Boy.

There's an article waiting to be written about Shakespeare as Character.

In YA he's invariably canonized; in one mystery I read he was the dejected inferiority-ridden murderer; we won't talk about Nothing Like the Sun (and if I had to read that book for my article I'd give the idea up right there.) I wait without too much impatience to see how he comes across in vol 2 of Deborah Harkness' witches and vampires trilogy. Didn't mind the first book- no worse than most Urban Fantasy and much better than most; and at least hinted at Exciting Palaeographic Information which then didn't happen. But Harkness too is a Dr Dee referrent- she was cited in that biography as well.

Saga and Myth in Ancient Ireland by Gerard Murphy, reminding me of the confusion I felt when first reading this stuff while trying to track down the sources of Garner's Weirdstone et al. Helps, I suppose, to have the wild Irish stories linked to more demure French and Persian and Indian ones- puts them in an Indo-European context, as it were- though I'm not sure myself that the echoing of details proves that some Irish hero-tale is related to Tristan and Isolde in any way, much less to Hippolytus. I think it's just an Oxbridge tendency to show off one's reading.

What are you reading now?
Sorceror to the Crown. Given one's online acquaintance with the author, it seems likely that all the echoes everyone talks about on the dust jacket (Novik, Clarke, etc.) must be deliberate. But Zen Cho must have a whole range of other ideas present, so I need to stop letting the familiar echoes dictate how the book reads to me.

Long Hidden. Not sure how far I'll get with this- it's inspired at least two uneasy dreams to date, both happily forgotten, and is due back on Saturday. I can't see my state of mind improving enough in the next three days to allow of further reading.

Cue for Treason. No surprises. I remember almost all of it, arguing a reread some time since I was 13.

What will you read next?
Whatever I want to follow Sorceror up with.
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