mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Here it comes again, that Wednesday, here it comes again

What have you just finished reading?
Toddler Hunting, just so I could add it to the list. Then I left it in someone's Wee Free Library.

What have you just abandoned?
(snarls) Michael Moorcock, Gloriana. This was supposed to be one of the Shakespeare books, but though it has John Dee (flow) it has no Shakespeare because it's fantasy Faerie Queene Elizabeth in A/U England/ Albion. And for half its length it was delightful. Fantasy and high language, just what I'd been missing from bleak books about bleak lives of girls and women. Henry VIII turned into King Herne with all the associated wildness. Female friendship, high life and low, Piranesi architecture. I thought even the Kewl Baddie who could seduce anyone into blank and worshipful mindlessness by sheer force of character would get his come-uppance at the author's hands- when he's shown as miffed that the Cecil figure doesn't recognize the aestheticism of his wholesale murders and tortures.

But no. Last Battle Syndrome. 'Destroy Albion,' the Kewl Baddie is ordered, and I had a sinking feeling that he would, in very short order and with stunning success. I skipped to the back to check my impressions, and yes- my favourite characters gone, everyone else dying, Kewl Baddie about to ravish the Queen- who finally achieves in his embrace the orgasm she's been obsessively seeking all her life long. Because see the Baddie has been characterized by the colour black and the Queen by the colour white and so for 'oh Michael Moorcock no!' reasons they are fated for each other.

And personally I doubt that orgasm is so necessary for any woman that she'd get herself pregnant over and over again trying to have one. Not unless she was remarkably dumb.

What are you reading now?
Master Skylark and Cue for Treason, two YA substitutes for the Shakespeare challenge. Both oddly unreadable in different ways, but I am going to make it through these books if it kills me.

Still with White Teeth, a downstairs sofa book when I spend little time on the downstairs sofa.

What will you read next?
Sorceror to the Crown is on its way to me at the library and may arrive for the long weekend. Jonesing also to read 1Q84 in translation to at least get through the failed assassination scene (I assume it's failed, at any rate) and find out why someone said the scariest thing she knew was Murakami's Rittoru Piipuru.
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