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Mon Feb 8th, 2016

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09:33 pm - Domestic
1. Handy household tip: when you have rockhard avocadoes (and when does one ever get the other kind, even in summer?) put them in a paper bag with an apple, and they will ripen by- well, not next day, as I was promised, but the day after.

They're still pretty watery avocadoes.

2. I have a loose crown, which is also the one that anchors the bridge. This will probably decide the question of whether to get implants or dentures for the two missing teeth on the right. Answer: neither. A new bridge on the left.

3. I bought a week transit pass, Monday to Sunday, against the snow that's supposed to fall later this week, along with wind and arctic temperatures. 16 trips will make it pay for itself. Registered two today, in spite of dry biking weather: errand out to TEGH to get knees x-rayed. Tomorrow is an additional two, at least- doctor's appt. With luck will also get up to Dufferin and St Clair to discover why my cell won't send pictures, and possibly to the Eating Centre to return my Xmas sweater which I will never lose enough weight to fit into.

4. Speaking of weight, have discovered that it will fall if I banish bread and jam from the house. So I starve in the evening, but still...

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Date:February 9th, 2016 03:10 pm (UTC)
Sympathies on having to banish jam from the house ... I couldn't. Is there anything else you can have instead of that you like but won't make you gain? *HUGS*

Hope the weather is kind to you too, but use the pass anyway even if you don't *really* need it. ^__^
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Date:February 10th, 2016 02:27 am (UTC)
*Food* makes one gain. I'm wondering about peanut butter without bread and jam. We used to have peanut butter balls for snack at work-- an impossibility nowadays-- which was just pb rolled in coconut. Fat and filling.

Or maybe just lemon toddy with ginger and honey. Helps the cough as well.

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