mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Thoughts on personal obsolescence

I am old because I am *so* relieved when someone's request that I do their 8:30 shift on Monday (the horror, the horror!) is modified into 'can you do the first hour of my 8:30 shift?' Early awakening, yes, but not followed by utter exhaustion.

I am old because when someone malaprops 'leaving evidence for prosperity' I have to consult a thesaurus to find what the proper word should be.

I am old because I'm delighted to discover a portable multi-LED light thingy at the dollar store, with a hook to hang it by, that lights the first three steps of the basement stairs that are now too dark for me to feel safe on.

I am old because I now practise close mindfulness when walking upstairs with my breakfast and coffee in either hand, because letting my mind wander leads to putting my feet wrong on the step, which often leads to knee spasms, which has not yet led to me falling but some day will.

OTOH I'm still amazed at how easy it is to get up off the sofa. Couldn't do *that* ten years ago. So improvement is a possibility still.
Tags: health, rl_16

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