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Wednesday meme - Off the Cliff

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Wed Feb 3rd, 2016

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08:59 pm - Wednesday meme
What have you just finished?
Booker T Washington, Up from Slavery. Bread and butter reading, as Miss Cromwell said. Of its time, certainly- early 20th century uplifting literature, full of good noble generous people, confident of the values of stick-to-it-iveness and determination and bettering oneself- though in Washington's case, betterment was a necessity after the degradation of centuries of slavery. An eminently likable man: one only wishes that his sunny optimism had been borne out. Can't help thinking that something may have got elided at the hands of his co-author: one can't talk about cordial relations between the races in the same chapter as one protests against lynchings.

What are you reading now?
And probably not going to finish? Taeko Kōno, Toddler Hunting and other stories. Oe and Endo, two male writers for whom I have no use at all, have praised her as 'the most lucidly intelligent woman writing in Japan' and 'her unsparing gaze penetrates the depth of human nature.' Only in Japan does the depth of intelligent human nature default to sadomasochism and bondage, she snorts.

And also certainly not going to finish? Zora Neale Hurston, Folklore, memoirs, and other writings. I was happily reading about Haitian voudou in Tell my Horse, when in an evil moment I started to read Mules and Men, her collection of folktales that segues into her training in 'hoo-doo' with various masters in New Orleans. At one point she's instructed to make a bone that allows her to travel invisibly. I won't tell you how it's done, but that was enough for me.

Still with White Teeth, downstairs sofa reading.

What will you read next?
Maybe Long Hidden, maybe that biography of Lorenzo de Medici. Lorenzo was one of My Guys in my teens; I wonder if the infatuation would survive a proper biography.

Would really like something light and cheerful after the last few books. Cough and fever and tiredness are not helped by Other People's Terrible Lives.

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Date:February 4th, 2016 08:29 am (UTC)
If that's the folkloric thing I'm thinking of (nasty, with cats), Hurston is the only person I've ever heard of actually doing it (if she did), but it's legitimately a medieval recipe and I am now wondering how it got to New Orleans. Extraordinary. I don't blame you for noping out, as that is pretty much the quintessential witch's recipe to which the moral response is to blink, shudder, fervently hope it was never practiced or if so at least please not widely, and get away from it.
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Date:February 4th, 2016 12:32 pm (UTC)
Nasty, with cats, and a description of the cat's response. Another nasty one with a cat and a chicken bothered me earlier on, but that was the Nope moment in spades. There's anthropological research and then there's stuff we now have laws against.

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