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January reading

So, um, I have a reading challenge this year, just a rough thing: 5 each of African lit, Chinese lit, African diaspora, Chinese diaspora, writer of colour, translated work, Shakespeare as a character, and non-fiction, plus one each of the fun oddities: a book you've had for over five years but never read, a book from your home town, author's surname starts with the same letter as yours, French fiction not from France, Spanish fiction not from Spain, a book with only one colour on the cover, a book with a colour word in the title, family relationship word in the title.

And all must be from the TBR shelves, not new or the library.

Cogman, The Masked City
Yu, Auntie Lee's Delights and Auntie Lee's Deadly Specials
Dickinson, Merlin Dreams
Singer, Gimpel the Fool
Hornung, Raffles the Amateur Cracksman
McKay, Binny in Secret
Hurston, Their Eyes were Watching God
Tan (ed), Singapore Noir
Woolley, The Queen's Conjuror
Otsuka, The Buddha in the Attic

The Ovidia Yus and Singapore Noir would count nicely for Chinese diaspora, family word, and writers of colour respectively: and are disallowed because they came from the library. Toronto Noir would have been my home town except a) it too came from the library and b) I didn't finish it- Toronto the Dull, and they got the locations wrong as well. Truly, a hospital at Queen and University is *not* the same as The University, which is three subway stops away.

This leaves me with Singer as Translation 1, Hurston as African Diaspora 1, Woolley as non-fiction 1, and Otsuka as WoC 1. She calls it a novel but it's more an agglomeration from many sources of the experience of Japanese 'picture brides' in America, and quite as depressing as one might expect.
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