mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A series of fail

1. Sunday was running through the names of our ten babies and blanked completely on one. (This is worrisome because I've started blanking on names, another intimation of decrepitude.) Not Tristan, certainly not Tristan, but what's his **name**??? Had to text a staff, who laughed at me but furnished not-Tristan's name. Thank you, cell phones. (I remembered his mother's name, of course.)

2. My reverse osmosis filtration system is running slow. Finally occurred to me that the filter needs flushing occasionally, yes? Fortunately the instructions are on the side. 'Run water at maximum and open brine valve to let the water out.' I can see nothing that remotely resembles a valve except the one on the tank for the purified water. Go to consult the manual; the manual is not to be found, and may not have been in the box in the first place.

3. And anyway, google says that RO water is not the best for humidifiers; distilled is. And since I don't feel like boiling tubs of water with bowls floating on the surface and lids full of ice cubes etc etc in best 'distill your own water' fashion, that means buying the stuff, and something like four gallon jugs a week.

4. Super grand magnificent fail! incandescens sent me a Christmas card on Dec 14, 2015. It arrived today, February 1. Go Go Canada Post!!
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