mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Bikeless in Gaza

There was no broadband this morning and I had an appointment, hence no time to go next door and attempt to fix the lack, especially as there was no blackout last night that usually causes these things. Anything other than a power failure is likely to result in calls to Bell Canada and requires knowledge I do not have.

Upshot was I had no idea what the weather would be. Vaguely recalled something about chance of snow/ chance of rain. Took my chances and biked to work.

Chance of rain turned into chance of snow, enough that the bicycle is now still sitting in front of work, rusting in the snow. A few years ago I might have walked the thing home through the slippery sleet, but one block of that convinced me the knees are not up to a 45 minute trudge. Hope I can get it back tomorrow before the weekend's forecast above freezing temps.
Tags: rl_16

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