mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wot, another wensday?

What did you finish last week?
Singapore Noir
Their Eyes were Watching God
The Queen's Conjuror

What are you reading now?
Well, there's the problem, no? Content creep. Just as reading Aunty Lee meant I had to go read Singapore Noir to get more Aunty Lee and more Singapore, so discovering that Hurston did anthropological work in Haiti means I have to read her book Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica, which I'm now doing in a heavy onion-skin volume of all her anthropological writings. (And I know that this will be followed by a reread of Brown Girl in the Ring. Creep creep creep.)

Equally, having finished Dee's biography, I now must reread The House of Doctor Dee, which is an uneasy book (does Ackroyd write any other kind?) that I associate with too-warm weather in some recent year (though I find no mention of it in the lists. Am probably thinking of some other Ackroyd.)

Otherwise, White Teeth desultorily, and The Buddha in the Attic, my travel reading because it's at least light.

What will you read next?
What's on hand will take me a good while, but Long Hidden is on its way to me in the library system.
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