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Size elevens are such a go that I rack up my knee going in them to excess. Ah well- is what ice packs are made for. Odd that I feel more stable in them than in shoes; possibly it's having my winter cane as well, but I've used the cane with shoes and still wibbled over twinges and threatened ITB collapses.

For sure, this is a reversal in spades of all my winter tropes of the last decade. Last felt like this in '02, when the lace-up Romikas gave my unsupported feet such a smooth walk that I was desperately disappointed that February was too warm to wear them in Japan. Wore shoes, and of course my feet hurt terribly.

Someone on the FFL posted a series of anniversaries for each month: 'January 16 will be the thirteenth anniversary of starting my own business' etc. Wondered about that myself. I do two year, five year, and ten year anniversaries where applicable, but exact date anniversaries usually wait until we hit one of those multiples, and there are very few major events among them. (I always have to look up the dates of my parents' deaths, and various aunts and friends as well. The years and months I can remember, but not the day itself. Like, I can remember exactly what happened when I learned about Kennedy, but not what the date was.)

So off the top of my head, the only anniversary dates that stick are

Jan 9, 1965
April 3, 1996
May 12, 1989, 1991, 1995
June 5,6,7, 2013
August 21, 1993
August 6, 2000
Sept 19 1975 & 1980
Sept 26, 1964
Sept 25, 1965

and the happenings so mundane there's no need to talk about them
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