mjj (flemmings) wrote,

In the bleak midwinter

Finished Raffles, the Amateur Crackhead ahem Cracksman, then read Orwell's essay, Raffles and Miss Blandish, to get an explanation for Raffles' odd suicidal tendencies. Evidently Raffles was not Playing the Game. Raffles *knew* he was not Playing the Game. So Raffles needed to make up to Whoever for not Playing the Game. This makes me wonder why he ever started not Playing the Game in the first place. But I suppose he was young and indulged and stealing from nice old dowagers was a lark ect ect. Jeunesse dorée, mutters the vieillesse grisée over here, how tiresome it is.

Continue to beaver through my assigned reading for the year. I need goals for reading or I feel I've wasted my time. The goal may be only to reduce a stack of books, but it has to exist or my reading becomes will-o-the-wisp come-by-chance this and thats, falling too easily into detective series and then creeping futility. A reading challenge also ensures that I finish things, because the 'abandon after 30 pages if it doesn't grab you' maxim would have me abandoning everything but, well, detective series, which in their turn can become a plod.

That article about how boredom and attention deficit can be caused by head trauma made me wonder if that concussion thirty years ago had had that effect on me. But no- I had the syndrome from late adolescence on. I look for things that will distract me and then they fail to do so and I wonder Why bother, and on and on it goes. And especially so in winter, even in the dry winter this is currently being.

The other upside of a reading challenge is that it makes me want to read all those things that aren't part of the challenge, in this case white English male writers. Pratchett, Dickinson, Lewis, Francis- how suddenly enchanting they look when I must limit them to one a month and have just finished January's quota.
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