mjj (flemmings) wrote,

As ever, last week was a Week and yesterday was a marathon. Left house at 8:45 am, got back at 11:45 pm, and as ever next day ie today was body suggesting I not even try to stand on my legs. Had been rather chuffed that my stretching and strengthening exercises had always been able to undo the previous day's excesses, including tromping everywhere in boots; but Friday was the last straw. A day sent on the sofa with ice packs, hot packs, and a pile of good books seemed ideal.

However all the snow is gone, the roads are bare, I can wear shoes, and the specialty shoe store said they'd hold the boots I was to try on for two days only: so I bicycled to the subway and ran up to Eglinton and discovered that indeed, one size larger seems to make a difference, so now I have another new pair of winter boots and maybe these ones won't rub my poor bones and cramp my poor toes.

Finished Gimpel the Fool during my babysit last night. Downer in spades- Singer's devils always win. No fair. Maybe it should count as 'book about old people' in the reading challenge? Well, no: let it be 'work in translation' and left at that. Next up is 'writer of colour #1' and I hesitated between a slim volume by a Nigerian I've never heard of and Their Eyes Were Watching God. Settled on the latter because the latter has dialect; quarter of the way through suspect this will be another Miseries of Womanhood book hence another downer. Maybe should sandwich it with the cheerful McKay; or possibly with one of JB Priestley's plays, for sheer cultural implosions.

(Also my addiction solitaire page has vanished. A bummer, because I'm addicted to it.)
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