mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Be Prepared

To wake, alive in this world
What happiness!
Winter rain

Which is exactly the extent of today. I could be more serene about the rain if I hadn't bicycled in it with a snow shovel lashed to the carrier, which I dropped off at work because the snow shovel I gifted them with a few years back got left in a snow bank last winter and rusted away in the spring. (Well, maybe. My own shovel exhibits similar symptoms, so maybe it's just an easy-rust shovel.) Is supposed to snow all week and I do not trust the university to clear their sidewalks, to say nothing of our steps, in time/ at all.

Did have brunch at Butler's to console me, while no-longer-waterproof coat dried on a radiator, and got finally a warm long-sleeve thermal top from Honest Ed's, whose supposed 2XL hugs my curves. And now the wind is up, heralding the snow-bearing cold front, (oh, and there's the snow too) and I'm going back to my cocoon of quilts and Singaporean detective novels.

(Bedraggled wet raccoon walked right past my front steps as I was leaving, bold as brass and quite as tarnished. Tomorrow's cold may put those critters to sleep; alas that it won't do it permanently.)
Tags: rl_16, verse

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