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Mundane - Off the Cliff

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Mon Dec 28th, 2015

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07:35 pm - Mundane
1. Round about Christmas I started smelling green tea in my living room. Green tea isn't a pleasant smell for me- used to choke on it in the basement food section of any Japanese department store where they have the stuff loose and open in large metal bowls and don't as me why. Suffocating, I find it. This was the faintest ghost of that but still itchy-making. Finally traced it to my little tree, a pine branch embedded in a round of wood. Can't remember when I bought it- the weekend before Christmas seems about right- but it didn't take long to go bad, if that's what it is. Put it outside, and found it still had some pine scent left to it; but the musty smell was there too. Sad: little Christmas lights are cheering in the gloomy returned-winter (snowing) darkness.

2. Triumph is that I walked Christmas Day and Boxing Day- all the way to Bathurst and Bloor and back!- and Sunday to the coffee shop, and today I went by transit! in new boots! to my acupuncture; and knees did not give way or ache unduly, although the adductors started their 'm'gonna cramp!' routine even in shoes. All this was nothing unusual a year or two back, but after the chronic 'ohhh you *can't* ask me to walk *three blocks* down to Bloor St.' of the past few months, I am chuffed indeed.

3. Store called Sonic Boom with used CDs used to be conveniently located at Bathurst and Bloor, then slightly less conveniently down Bathurst in Honest Ed's (future home of a block and a half wide highrise complex) and then disappeared entirely. Turns to have moved allll the way down Spadina to south of Dundas across from Chinatown Centre; on the upside, it's in the store that had reasonably-priced duvets ohh some 14 or 15 years ago. (Ponders both nostalgia and tempus fugit.) Rode my hard-mouthed steed there yesterday in hopes of remaindered Pavarotti Christmas music; discovered that it's gone on the LP bandwagon like everywhere else. (I guess everyone is either ipodding or records, and no room for old technology.) Possibly just as well: I spent $40 on CDs that prove not to be what I want at all. So very not a music person, me; though I think what I want is a decent boombox like my old one that refuses to play most of my CDs, instead of the tinny brassy five-tier I got in 2011 and can't stand to use.

LPs scratch and pop but play. Cds once scratched will not play at all. Am tempted to try the toothpaste trick on some of mine.

4. Terry Pratchett's daughter talks about her father. Do read the comments.

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