mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Woke at a decent hour and then turned over and went back to sleep, only to have a distressing dream about being back at the old daycare with its large front hall, which was now open to the dark slippery winter night and thronged with a number of young people as well as daycare parents, and as I came back from dealing with whatever I found the skeleton of my bicycle, wheels and seat missing, and no one any the wiser as to who had taken them in the few minutes I'd been gone. 'But you *must* have seen something!' I protested, but no, no they hadn't. And I had to get home along the dark streets, and then there was a blackout and the streetlamps all went out; but I made it back to the house my brother was living in, and he said he had a bike I could use, but the pedals worked funny and wouldn't go where I wanted. (On waking I figured this was the special needs bike we have for some reason, whose wheels are connected to the handles.)

Obviously an anxiety dream about the snow and ice forecast for Tuesday, or just a product of the ambient anxiety usually abroad at this time of year. Or possibly full moon fantods.

But otherwise Christmas was nice. Two people at work gave me presents this year 'for helping out', which makes me feel appreciated. And one of them gave me a bottle of diet Pepsi and a bag of lifesavers (my trademarks) along with brandy chocolates; and now I wish I'd opened them at work where we could all have laughed over them.

Then took a slow walk out in the mild cream and blue afternoon, came back and went next door and was abstemious with the alcohol but piggy with the turkey and dressing. Grand-nephews-in-law told amusing stories about working at yuppie supermarkets: there's something about The Big Carrot that attracts the loonies. A nice time, and now I'm yawning at 10 pm.
Tags: dreams, xmas

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