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Ballpark translation for the latest gaiden ep, as provided by radiofreebanri. Take with a few grains of salt- had to guess a few kanji, didn't find explanations of what might be a Buddhist sutra reference, and I have *no* confidence in that last page, which contains at least two level 1 Japanese Proficiency Exam grammar points.


F/X (cherry blossoms blowing or fires burning, whichever one goes busa...!)
Lackey: The preparations have been made
Litouten: Mhh...
Sidebar: Now, the final night yields to dawn

Litouten: Attack!!
F/X screams and yells
F/X breaking down doors
Litouten: Listen, all of you! Don't let a single one of those traitors get away!

Litouten: There's only four of those rats
With that mob of hostages there's no way they can move about!
Messenger: Litouten-sama!
We've pretty much got all the hostages in the building safe but we haven't been able to discover the rebels.
Litouten: I see.
No matter. Loose the fire arrows.

Litouten: They're all unclean!
Even if you kill them you're still following the will of Heaven!
F/X glass breaking, fire burning
Litouten: That's it! Kill them!
Kill them all!

Soldier: Hey--
Henh- useless resistance.
F/X breaking through boards
Soldier: Come on out, traitors!!

Soldier: Hunh?
F/X Ka-

Kenren: There it goes.
Tenpou: Quite a lot going on up there.
F/X footsteps
Tenpou: The men outside'll be a little short-handed now. (J note: gaibu is the outside part of something. I suppose here it might mean 'the men outside' as opposed to 'the men inside' who have all been blown up; but I half-expect it to mean something like 'the service will be a bit short-staffed from now on.')
Konzen: Is it really alright? Your precious books and your art collection were in that room.
Tenpou: I don't mind. They were just empty images.

Tenpou: "All that possesses form eventually breaks "
That's another saying Down there
Konzen: (thinks) All that possesses form, you say?
Konzen (to Gokuu): It's alright. Don't look like that.
Goujun's narrative: The four traitors

Goujun's narrative: had timed their flight from Tenpou's quarters to coincide with the dawn attack and descended to an underground passage used only by a small section of the western army. (J note: I know the Tenpou-tachi holed up in the building that housed Tenpou's office- and quarters?- but I can't read the kanji here to find out what its proper name is)
Their aim was to sneak into the Emperor's palace while the army were away at the other building
F/X creak of door
Hollow echoes
Gokuu: What's this place.
Kenren: The library stacks in the imperial palace.

Konzen: I never imagined the basement of your building was connected to a place like this.
Tenpou: Convenient, isn't it? When the army is called to assembly I can get to the palace right away. And using this secret passageway--
I can borrow all the books I want from here!!
Kenren: You can't call it borrowing when you never bring them back!
Goujun narration: Their stated purpose was exile Down Below. There's only one route between Heaven and the lower world
It's used by our army and lies in the lowest level of the cellars under the palace

Goujun narrative: where you go through an Izora gate. (Izora- I'm taking the kanji reading from a webpage because it doesn't show in any dictionary I've looked at- means 'different sky.' Read differently it might mean 'different emptiness.' A lot of people use the phrase but none so far has defined it.)
Kenren: We'll be saying good-bye to you here.
Goujun: ..what are you going to do?
Kenren: Well, sorry but-- you wait here till they come rescue you
Tenpou: I apologize for dragging you into this
But there had to be some sign that you as our commanding officer weren't involved in our plot.

Kenren: Thanks for your trouble. We're off.
Goujun: In that case, report properly.
F/X stamp of boots
Tenpou: Tenpou, marshal of the western army
Kenren: Kenren, general of the same

Tenpou: we two herewith resign our commissions and remove ourselves from our duties, as likewise our former battalion.
Goujun narration: At that moment there was no order I should have given them; only---

Goujun narration: The freedom that had goaded them into action: or rather, the lack of freedom- what might it be? And-
'That which has form does more than just break. Only if you shoulder that destiny should you be alive, perhaps'
I felt that that was what the sight of their retreating backs was telling me.
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