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Sunny bright windy warm day, Christmas in Los Angeles. All wrong and… - Off the Cliff

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Thu Dec 24th, 2015

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08:22 pm
Sunny bright windy warm day, Christmas in Los Angeles. All wrong and ultimately worry-making, but I refuse to worry. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful evening, with purple-blue dragon clouds twisted by the winds above a shining sunset.

Of course it had its little drawbacks, like trying to empty the French press and rapping the bottom with a knife handle while thinking 'Is this really a good idea?' which no, no it's not. Thin glass, French presses have. Green Bean of course closed early, and Honest Ed across the street had espresso makers but nothing as obscure as a French press. But I want it for ice coffee, and any container will do for that so long as I still have those ancient coffee filters I never threw out. (Never throw out anything.) French presses are just more convenient.

Consoled self by buying new runner for front hallway. Old one is nice and brown, and I never see my black shoes on it until I trip over them. This time I measured the width, which is *not over 2 feet at most* and got one the right width, finally. Alas, did not measure length, which needs to be seven feet: am two feet short. This only matters if it snows and I have to bring a dripping bike in, but I can't believe it will never snow this winter. Is supposed to do so next Monday night, which is worry-making: but again, I refuse to worry. If nothing else, I have four days to rest my currently twinging knees.

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