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I read an article lately that said the days of spam were over. Not nearly over enough. For several months now I've been blessedly free of those 2 indubitably spam messages my filter used to release every weekday, and the messages in the spam filter itself were minimal and generally legit except sorry UNICEF I only give money when I have it. But now I get four insurance or burial plans or earn money fasts a day, while the spam program only holds on to Doctors Without Borders and such. Christmas. Bah, humbug.

amazon.uk fails to deliver my book when it said it would, and amazon's website gives you no recourse to inquire directly as to what's going on. They wouldn't answer anyway. Christmas. Bah, humbug.

Last week's intestinal revolt shows every sign of coming back whenever I eat. There were indeed several kiddies who couldn't seem to shake the thing and kept relapsing, to their parents' despair, and I seem to have that version. On the up side of that, this morning I weighed something unseen since mid-summer. This also puts paid to the notion of med-caused gain. It were those croissants and cookies all along.
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