mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Because Wednesdays are still useless

The week of Early Risings. (Doctor, acupuncture, shift, dentist.) Also first snow early yesterday morning which, thank you god, did not stick on the pavement down here in Greenhouse Effect-land. But I bicycled through several large dumps off cars that had come in from the burbs.

(I have new boots- yet another pair of boots- guaranteed double-E width. May still not be wide enough to accommodate orthotics and liners and bunions. Am told I need to replace orthotics every two or three years, which is-- you think I'm made of money? Am also told that the orthotics I have are designed for running shoes, not boots, which is-- let's try anything but the Walking Clinic this time.)

Anyway. Wednesday meme:

What have you just finished?
The Devil's Edge, another Cooper and Fry mystery. So much for good intentions. Also, much less depressing than earlier books in the series.

What are you reading now?
Still with Roger Bacon and Friar Bungay Prospero courtesy John Bellairs. Still, desultory, with Raffles. Not at all sure about The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters which so far reads too much like Anais Nin and Pauline Réage. Maybe should go spoil myself on Goodreads. I want steampunk and this, by the looks of it, is not that.

What will you read next?
The next Cooper and Fry. Is cold. I'm tired. Stephen Booth is good 'curl up in bed under the duvet' reading.
Tags: reading_15, rl_15

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