mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Several things make a post

1. Stayed up to 3 finishing The Watchmaker of Filigree St. Yes, it's hard to assign this a genre. Not quite steampunk, not quite historical A/U, not necessarily fantasy... Call it historical magic realism and be done with it. That at least explains why the characters don't fall neatly into genre roles, and good for them.

I found it hard following the logic of uhh how not to think of a possible future so as to prevent that future from happening because uh because. Very near the end was a single word that enlightened my perplexity, but since Mori presumably didn't know the word he couldn't use it to pigeonhole himself, and so he could only describe things the way they looked to him. (But Steepleton knew the word, so Mori should have too. Just saying.)

Caveats about Meiji families aside, I still have to wonder if female Oxbridge scientists swore and blasphemed (as it was then thought of) quite as much as Grace regularly does.

2. Survived the Santa Claus parade. Even managed to get south of Bloor St to The Beguiling and eventually got them to yield me the three Rivers of London comics I'm missing. I look at them and look at the ads for other comics and think I'll stick with Aaronovitch: he has plenty of CoC and nobody else does. Mind, I don't care for the comic's version of Nightingale. Too lean.

Still was irritated by the damn furrners in my neighbourhood who hadn't yet twigged to the fact that *all n-s streets east of Ossington* are, yes, closed to traffic in the block immediately north and south of Bloor. Car swings happily up Markham or Palmerston or you name it, discovers yellow barriers at the corner, at once reverses to make a turn the other way and doesn't notice me behind them. Friend had a post about how she gives her unused parking space away at Parade time to desperate parents who are always surprised that she doesn't want money for the thing. "So please, let's all practice more random acts of kindness, all year round, everywhere, for everyone." Yes, M, I shall do that when people stop trying to kill me in their haste to get to this hyper-commercialized two-hour long bunfest.

3. Discover that cooking sweet potato in a cast-iron frying pan in the oven makes for much better taste than cooking them in aluminum or steel. Next step is to fry onions in the pan and then cook the sweet potato with them. With gruyere on top for the last five minutes, yum yum.

4. Opening that vent in the furnace has indeed led to a warm studio (hurray!) and a bearable kitchen (hurray!). On the down side, the bedroom is appreciably colder, though part of that was last week's 65kmh western winds. But no, the usual 16C on the thermostat will no longer make my room unbearably warm. Has to be 18 at the very least, and that's with lows still well above freezing. Maybe I shall close the vent a *little.*
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