mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I shall be sad when this sombre brown-coloured autumn is over and all the trees are bare. (It's sombre because cloudy; otherwise, as I've said, it's very yellow.) Brown autumns take me back to nearly-forgotten places and times, and because nearly forgotten I can't tell you what those places and times were, nor why they carry a connotation of cozy safety with them. New York, perhaps? Some deciduous area of Tokyo? (But Tokyo was always disconcertingly green.) Something says 'mid-late 80s and the new, unheard of coffee shops on Bloor that served lattes in china bowls.' Back in those days you had to go to Little Italy to get your espressos and cappucinos at all. Another country- they do things differently there.

Otherwise a long plotty Peter Grant and Nightingale story. I surprise me by not caring for the m/m part. For once I want someone (Peter) to be robustly heterosexual because to make him anything else feels like yaoi, not slash: arbitrarily making a character's sexuality what you want it to be for a hot story, in spite of any evidence to the contrary in canon.
Tags: place, rivers, rl_15

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