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I love to sneer at other translators' idiocies because it makes me feel better about my own gaffes.

Three days off! I have three days off! In a row! Maybe now I can kick this cold that's taken away my hearing, my smelling and my sense of taste.

Reflects that even if I was tempted to read Bleach the fact that everyone and their sister-in-law is reading Bleach and nattering about it would put me off. It's like swimming pools- too many people in it means you can't do anything yourself. Except maybe chain-step laps where you have to keep your pace the same as everyone else's.

There's also the problem of the reverse-recommendation: If So-and-so likes this it must suck. And even if it doesn't suck there's still the problem of liking something So-and-so does. I occasionally feel most put out that someone like So-and-so has the nerve to like something good and thus cast doubts on whether it's as good as I think it is. Ohh la vache.

I started to do that guilt meme from mikeneko but ran into problems. The first one is that I just don't feel guilty about stuff I like. Must be one of those things that happens with age. I used to, but I don't any more. Yes, I like Neil Diamond. No, I don't feel guilty about that. *Now*.

Also I'm not-a-watcher. There goes the celebrities and A/V section. Also I read slowly and time's winged chariot is drawing near. There's a good reason why I read whatever I do, though at one point I vaguely recall I spent my time rereading kids' books I'd read a million times vefore.

Thus my guilty pleasures are mostly confined to double crostics- absolute indefensible time wasters- and Second Cup sugar cookies.

Second cup, the Canuck chain of coffee shops that Starbucks always builds its outlets across the street from- yes, OK, got it?- has seasonal sugar cookies with hard frosting. I can't resist them. Well, I can resist when the cookies are hard but when they're soft and the frosting *cracks* as you bite into it... ahh. Hallowe'en, autumn leaves, Christmas, Valentine's, St Patricks, easter bunnies, spring flowers: and then they just have sun cookies or whatever. Soccer balls in World Cup years. It's like the seasonal markers I knew in Japan: plum blossoms, cherry, wisteria, iris, hydrangea, and then it was rainy season. I mark the year's passing in Second Cup sugar cookies.
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