mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Anomalies: follow-up

Saturday's helter bu was owing to a $700,000 fire two blocks away from me. Odd that my super sensitive nose didn't detect it when I went out for coffee Saturday morning, but I was walking away from Chrstie and the wind was blowing from upwind of it. The question more is, why did I notice nothing while walking down Christie yesterday afternoon? Again, I was on the opposite side and not particularly noticing police tape and charred roof fragments: but obviously I do still tend to slip into the dream state while walking.

I may well have noticed it Saturday, but these days the world smells of wood smoke, all nostalgia. Granted, house fires aren't very wood-smokey usually, but passing the lot today wood smoke was what I mostly smelled. And noticed that the fire was only one door away from the newly renovated Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall (in the works for at least two years) and what a blessing it didn't spread.
Tags: rl_15

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