mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Domestic Saturday

Quiet and grey and cold, if not cold-as-all-that. Turns out I'm more limber after yesterday's marathon than I have been all week. No accounting for bodies. So I finally tried out my new steam cleaner on the living room rug. Does not remove old stains but makes the carpet look marginally less grimy than before. Grime is on pad, which I suppose one must wash frequently. Seems to work on vinyl lino as well, at least as well as a wet mop and much more easily; *almost* as good as getting down on hands and knees and cleaning tile by tile, which, trust me, is how I did it in the ancient past.

Made fava bean dill rice with ham bits. Discovered that frozen favas (which the package says are not cooked, however soft they seem) must be second-shelled before boiling. Boil in the shell and the beans turn to mush. Leftover rice turns to mush as well when steamed. (Maybe it was the short-grained basmati that perplexed our cook by becoming porridge instead of individual grains?) Hence the Persian recipe is stodge, but then I have no quarrel with stodge. Even if dried dill doesn't taste very dill-y either.

Otherwise acquired a copy of I Conquer the Castle at a come by chance garage sale round the corner. Guys running garage sale had no idea how much to ask for their (putative) books. Something a bit sketchy about the whole thing. Certainly the rather louche gentlemen involved didn't look like people who'd ever read Dodie Smith, or indeed anything at all.

And up on Dupont a bus was parked at my corner, or rather idling forever, its destination given as 'helter bu'. The s's weren't lighting properly. Who was being sheltered and why was not apparent: there were a few people inside and a lot of suitcases, but no sign of disaster anywhere in the neighbourhood.
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