mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Never weather-beaten sail more willing bent to shore

Monday night I was tempted to turn on the AC. Last night I turned on the heat, because yesterday's high (15C) was Monday night's low and today was even colder.

Bought a new watch, three times the price of a Casio because I wanted a band watch and the Casios had only straps. It's a bit tight as well, but I couldn't stand not-having a watch on my wrist. Did not look at it once after buying it.

But that was because I went straight to work and did a five and a half hour day indoors. I can spend six hours at work quite happily if I'm only working two of them, but as soon as I'm required to get kids to sleep, I'm whacked. The money is no longer worth the exhaustion. (Neither kid would go to sleep for me, though the first shift of naps did.)

Will probably not be able to move tomorrow. Do not intend to move much anyway.
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