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This entry, in which a number of people who are more intelligent than I admit they too cannot make head nor tail of John M Ford..

And when they can, they lose me again.
From: Graydon Saunders
I continue to find claims that The Dragon Waiting isn't straightforward really baffling.

It's a dense text, sure, but the plot couldn't be simpler if it tried, especially once one sorts out the Arthurian correspondences. And the idea that there are Arthurian correspondences is one that the reader is clubbed with from several directions.

What am I missing?

From: redbird
Date: September 30th, 2015 04:06 pm (local)

What I found startling, and will probably lose some people, was the jump from the locked-room mystery in the Alps to completely different characters and events.

From: Graydon Saunders
Date: September 30th, 2015 04:40 pm (local)

I thought that was a very clever transition because it's (literally!) the Fall of Rome, the Fall of Rome's position in the Arthurian legendarium as establishing circumstance, and the shift of those characters out of prosaic into legendary tone. ("Between you, and me, and the wizard, and the woman...")

That tension between the legendary and the prosaic informs the whole book; "I was always a boor like Sir Cai" is this throwaway remark except that it's not.
Did *I* get clubbed with the idea of Arthurian resonances? No, I did not. Do I recall anything about the Fall of Rome in the Arthurian corpus? No, I do not. One may know the story, but Malory is not the place I got it from. "I realize you have to know the story to get the mappings, but still. I wouldn't have thought "has read Mallory" was a wildly high bar." Sorry, Graydon- it is.
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