mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Arrival of the Red Dragon

And tammylee drew me a dragon for my birthday. "I took some liberties with the colour" she says. Henh henh henh. The result, intentional or not, looks very like Goushou in a very Goushou-like mood. I am more pleased than I can say

I'm a fanwriter. I use other people's (usually) visual works to base my stories on. So I *know* what 'my' charas look like. But these quasi-Minekuran dragons... Y'know, 'Goujun only blue' is all very well, but what kind of blue is it? Pepsi can? Krishna? (Actually Krishna is pretty Pepsi blue in most pics that *I've* seen. Indian colour schemes like bright.) Pale blue with only a bit of blue pigmentation? Or what? I don't know, so I can't envisage it myself cause my mind doesn't work that way. The best I've managed is pastel dragons courtesy of Photoshop and I didn't do that, mvrdrk did it for me. Of course Minekura had to pick the one dragon whose skin doesn't do shades- which in a b&w comic makes sense, but.

(Even black Gouen is a problem. I've gone from dark ashen grey to lacquer black for him, but the thing with lacquer black is that it makes expressions hard to see. My current problem is that he's clenching his hands. *I* do that and my knuckles show white. He does that and... nothing shows, I assume. nojojojo pointed out that tears on dark skin show as whitish traces, not the blotchiness that they do on pale ones, which is helpful. But I don't think other stuff that affects the look of the skin- going grey, going yellow- applies to lacquer black.)

The disconcerting result is that I have to write characters without knowing what they look like. I find that tough. Seeing a fully-saturated red Minekuran dragon is a very great help.

So thanks a million, tammylee!
Tags: art, dragons

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