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Rainy late afternoon, leaves falling on slick wet streets. So very autumnal. But as far as memory is concerned, there were whole years where it didn't happen. It must have- totally dry autumns are a rarity- but the memory didn't stick for anything that happened in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, '06, '07, '08... You get the idea. So I will note it here. Today it rained and leaves fell.

I have lots of left-over quality rice from work, stashed away in the freezer; I have that fresh dill left over from my fish and dill on the weekend. So let's make Iranian lima beans, rice and dill. Shopping for the first element yesterday, I discovered frozen fava beans. Excellent! Fresh fava are expensive, tinned fanas revolting. So I got everything ready today: boiled the favas, which seem to have been already cooked, and shelled them (forgot the things have two pods); steamed the rice and clipped dill over it. And then, suddenly, the rice was full of clumps of earth and little hard stones and where on earth did that come from? It wasn't in my Sunday's fish dish; I didn't see anything like it in the dill itself. I was snipping the frondy ends, yet even the roots looked perfectly cleaned. But there they were, everywhere, like peppercorns only harder and not as flavourful.

Dumped the whole thing in the compost. I dislike dried dill, which never tastes quite right, but for now I am *done* with the fresh stuff.

ETA: also I seem to have lost my watch. It is not in the backpack of holding, which I have completely emptied. Was on kitchen table last night when I went to the store. If it had been there this morning I'd have put it on by reflex, but I can't remember if I did or not. Mild nuisance, since there are no decent watch stores downtown; OTOH it was six years old and very scratched.
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