mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'No moon tonight, the thing is out of sight'

Blissfully sunny all day long, and now the clouds are moving in. So much for the bloody super moon. But the view as it rises and lights up said clouds from below is quite as gothicky as heart could wish.

My weekends are lost causes, but to prevent them from reducing entirely to unmarked hours of online solitaire, I think of the things I don't want to do, and do them. So today I
1) washed clothes and dishes (only mild resistance by now);
2) went to the pool and did a half hour of walking in water and leg exercises, which physiotherapist recommends as better than walking on land;
3) trimmed the hedge and made good ie raked up everything and put in bag for pickup in ten days' time;
4) ironed a couple of hapi coats for the Goodwill pickup tomorrow, along with some other things I'll never wear again no matter how much weight I lose* (rayon hapi coats turn out to be useless in hot weather);
5) vacuumed front hallway and carpet, which I'm now resigned must be done every week if not oftener;
6) prepped and cooked a bunch of carrots that have been waiting two weeks for me to do same.

2, 4, and 6 were high on the donwanna list. I have not yet made the peanut butter sauce to go on the carrots, nor tried the steam cleaner on the carpet. But I will. Sometime.

Forgot to mention one of yesterday's accomplishments. My bookshelf sweep of last spring purged a three-volume boxed set of ohh what was it? catalogue of somebody or some institute's extensive hanga collection. Lotsa 18th century pale pink Utamaro geisha and blobby Moronobu ladies and other stuff I'm not interested in. But BMV said they didn't want collections, only volumes of single authors, so I never tried flogging it there. It's been sitting downstairs for half a year, great thumping trippable-over doorstop that is; so I finally decided to take it to BMV and see what they say.

What the nice clerk there said was 'Let's look online' and discovered said book is on sale for anywhere from 200 to 350 dollars. He explained earnestly that BMV wouldn't sell it for nearly that much, because expensive books linger on the shelves before they sell and it's not worth it, and maybe I might want to try selling it myself? Well no, I wouldn't, if only because it would mean bicycling back home with that unwieldy thing upsetting the bike's balance, even on the carrier, while I pray I make it the nine blocks without winding up in the ditch. 'Well, I can only give you a third what we'd sell it for, which would be more like a hundred.' And I said fine, and he gave me $35, and I rode off light as a bird to visit my aunt.

And only last night thought to wonder if Whoever had collected any shin-hanga from the 20th century, which would be in vol 3 which I never looked at. I fancy not, though. Those books were second-hand in '86, when Yoshitoshi was the newest discovery and no one seemed to have heard of Hasui at all, so the collection is probably one of those just post-WW2 jobbies. So yes- am pleased.

* Seen online somewhere, should have book-marked: 'This year I resolved to lose ten pounds. Only fifteen pounds to go' which in my case, alas, is more like 'only twenty-five'.
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