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Boring this and that - Off the Cliff

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Wed Sep 23rd, 2015

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09:47 pm - Boring this and that
1. The search for a cold morning coffee.

The milk companies' iced coffee is too sweet and calorie laden. Sabina's tip for iced coffee (pour water over ground beans, stick in fridge, let stand: cuts acidity almost completely) is messy, and of course not sweet or thick enough. I add it to chocolate soy and chocolate milk, but then the calories add up. Had a brainwave, went to Korean supermarket and bought two cans of JCC iced coffee. Still not quite thick enough, but the taste at least is right.

2. The search for distilled water

Needed for my sinus rinse (though boiled is supposed to work as well), humidifier (winter is coming), and steam cleaner (the instructions for cleaning the thing of hard water deposits are terrifying: intend not having them in the first place.) That's a lot of distilled water and a lot of plastic, even if I buy the Green water in recycled plastic jugs. So I hauled out the reverse osmosis machine my bro gave me (nearly 30 years ago) from under the sink (never throw anything away) and will soon have lots and lots of pure water. Just as soon as Bro explains how to hook things up to the tap. Am unmechanical to a degree and fundamentally scared of all machines.

3. This is why I'm not at all encouraged by the 50 Shades for Nerds wp.
"I'm a bad girl," she said. "I deserve to be punished."
"You do indeed," he agreed, and installed Windows 10 on her computer.

4. Cough is back. Must ration cough syrup against a dentist appointment next week.

5. The whole house stank of skunk this morning, except for the patch by the stairs that still smells of oil-based enamel. Was wondering when the paint smell would fade (though I was grateful for it today) when I realized it was drifting up from the can that I'd left at the top of the basement stairs. Should take it to the basement and let the air clear. Possibly should fasten lid more firmly, but as it's going to Dangerous Waste collection anyway, I don't mind if it dries out.

(Skunk smell just wafted in through the window. Go back to the railway tracks, skunk: this here is raccoon territory.)

6. The casual way physiotherapists recommend exercises with x many reps gets to me. Did the full regime of twice-a-day yesterday evening. It took over an hour, mostly describing circles with my arm hanging down and holding a light weight. One minute clockwise, one minute counterclockwise = 2 minutes x 10 reps = 20 minutes x two arms = 40 minutes. Not happening, guy. Especially as it does nothing for my shoulder pain that I can see.
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Date:September 24th, 2015 06:37 am (UTC)
The physiotherapists I used early this year said, more often during the day, when you think of it, rather than all reps at once works fine. It was good advice for a lot of the exercises but not all of them. The logic(?) being that for strength training, you do fewer reps at higher weights and cram them all together because you're trying to get stronger, but for if you're doing a lot of reps or a long time, then it's for flexibility and you can spread it out over the day. Downside to spreading it out is that I eventually stopped doing it all together. LOL! I need to get back on it, but never longer than an hour, an hour is deadly boring enough!
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Date:September 25th, 2015 12:37 am (UTC)
Downside to spreading it out is that I eventually stopped doing it all together

I come to this result whether I all-at-once or spread-it-out.

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