mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Mindfulness Fail A Specialty

1) After squinting at the inside labels, I realize that the shoes I took with me to the Walking Clinic on Friday were the ones I bought elsewhere last spring, *not* the ones I'd bought there last year. And the latter's unsatisfactory New Design and the marvellous Boats are indeed the same model, after I'd noisily insisted they weren't. But the reason the ND looks so different from the Boats is that the one is 9D and the other is (cough) a 9.5 2E. So last year's clerk had the right model, just no notion of my shoe size, and my technician is still quite right- who'd sell you such a narrow shoe?

Luckily they also have a box at the store labelled 'old shoes'. Why? I asked. 'We take them to shelters. As long as they're in reasonable repair. There are people there who have nothing.' So fine, a couple of pairs of good quality walking shoes going to someone with narrow feet. This might also be a use for all the shoes people leave out on the boulevards, along with books; most of them also in good condition

2) I know about the perils of Nature's Path cereals, which is: never buy them by box colour. They switch them about, so that light blue Flax Plus becomes dark blue Flax Plus, and the light blue box turns into Crispy Rice. But sometimes I forget to check. Bought my usual Otiose (OK- Whole-O's, not Oaty-O's) in its yellow box, opened to find- oh horror- Sunrise Crunchy Honey in its golden yellow box. A sweetened puffed cereal- yuck.

3) Did a white laundry of singlets and t-shirts. Opened machine to find an odd unpleasant smell- sweetish, like an off perfume. New box of detergent but same old brand. Started taking clothes out, and there was a soft fat white roll looking like the white fishpaste rolls the Japanese put in oden, only bigger. Not that, fortunately, but the medicated patch I'd put on a stiff shoulder last week, that wasn't there when I got undressed. Never occurred to me that it had transferred itself to my shirt instead, and still not sure how something sticking flat to me could have turned around and stuck flat to something else.
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