mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Modified triumph

So, still all bouncy from my magnificent New Shoes, I made a list of chores I've been postponing and did them all quite conscientiously this morning. I bought floss and picks at the drugstore. I bio-soaped the sheet and towel and bathmat that got marked by my bloody feet (quite literally-- summer dryness causes cracking causes bleeding) and laundered them. I made fish and ginger and scallions, then I washed all the dishes and threw all the scraps into the composter. I mended the hem on my semi-good pants. I painted the patch in the study floor because it transpires that the patching will flake away in gritty particles if not painted over, which makes walking barefoot in the study unpleasant. I don't have any blue enamel, but I have lots of white and black, and chose the former. And since I had it open, I touched up the top three white stairs as well. And got paint on my hands, as I always do, and went to wash them with soap because latex enamel washes off, and- it wouldn't wash. So then I actually *looked* at the label and don't ask me how, but it was alkyd. I never throw anything out, and this must date from ohh lord, three years ago?

But since I never throw anything out, I had paint thinner in the cupboard under the kitchen sink, so I was able to clean my hands. But alkyd takes 24 hours to dry if you're lucky, so I must carefully avoid the white patch just in front of the computer and must also, alas, heave myself up and down the last six stairs two stairs at a time, which my knees don't like at all. And oh I'd forgotten the smell of this stuff, which I hope will be gone by tomorrow as well.
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