mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Cold, grey, rainy. Exactly like last June, she says with no irony at all. A week ago I turned on the blissful air conditioning; now I close all the windows (it's a *heavy* rain) and snuggle under three duvets. 30C/ mid-80sF will return next week; thus always September.

One may also expect the return of that kilo and a half I shed this week. Abstaining from lattes and croissants for four days can't explain all of it. No, alas, it's the debloating that happens to my body when cold returns, as my interrupted night last Wednesday attests. With the heat I shall bloat again.

Made steak tonight using Petronia's method, which worked well except that I'm not a medium rare eater. Discovered the main virtue of pan frying steak is the sauce/ gravy, that lends a heavenly taste to vegetables. The steak itself is alright, I suppose, but those mushrooms, ahhh! Alas, this is not the season of little potatoes, or not at my greengrocer's, or otherwise I'd have had those too. (I'd completely forgotten the old term 'greengrocer' for a fruit and veg shop until I heard someone say it on the street last week- a younger than me someone to boot.)

I suppose this is not that different from a stew or pot au feu, but recipes for those don't usually involve soy sauce, tamari, ginger, shallots, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce-- and a soupcon of brown sugar to counteract the overabundance of the latter. No wine at all, you note. /is virtuous
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