mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Feel distinctly out of focus, which is partly heat, partly allergies, partly a long weekend, and partly a visiting petronia taking me to that Elsewhere my house becomes when someone else is in it. Took me also to dinner last night at the expensive Korean restaurant with the antiques. My first time for Korean barbecue: alas that my table manners couldn't measure up to the surroundings. But I can't see how anyone can be graceful eating barbecue. Yes, well, the slender fashionable Japanese who surrounded us were, but I am not Japanese.

However on the way down there, in the muggy grey evening, we came across an excellent Front Lawn Library on Manning of-all-places (street must be gentrifying) and copped Ben Okri's The Famished Road and leGuin's Lavinia. The former I think was on the Guardian's list of 1000 best SFF, and the latter has cropped up on some other list lately. Started the Okri in spite of concurrently reading Riddley Walker and Winter's Tale, which are also a possible cause of unfocussedness.

petronia told me the best oil to use for cooking in an iron frypan, as also for seasoning it, and how to do steaks in same (preheat in a 500 degree oven) and many other useful things I shall try once coolness returns. In the meantime I rejoice in my central AC, thermostat set to 'icecube'. Slept in till nearly 10 this morning because of it, which I can't do tomorrow on account of a 9:30 shift. 'And she says Go back, go back to the world.'

(Dreamwidth translates the lj user tag as dreamwidth user. How does one make it lj?)
Tags: food, lj, reading_15, rl_15

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