mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Hot summertime, finally

-I read Riddley Walker back in the 80s. I even remember little bits of it. Somehow I didn't remember that it was written in phonetic dialect. Must have been even more reflex of a subvocal reader then than now.

Read *some* of Winter's Tale back in the 80s. Somehow didn't remember that it takes place in no New York anyone has ever seen. Must have thought New York was like that; and even though I was reading Cortazar and Fuentes and Garcia Marques at the same time, must not have registered that this was a similar genre. That said, it *still* recalls The Golem and the Jinni, which was much more HA.

I need a list of fantastical works set in historical New York. Goodreads is much too inclusive, everyone else too contemporary.

-Have turned on central AC for the first time in years. (Eight, by my reckoning.) Huzzah, it still works! Maybe I don't have to replace it after all, against next summer's promised El Nino heat.

Power outages both yesterday afternoon and this morning (your regularly scheduled Sunday morning power pause. Always early Sunday morning, for some odd reason.) Y'day's lasted half an hour, in fact, but I was out for all but five minutes of same. The nuisance is that every time I have to go next door and reset our net connection, because it always fails when the power goes.
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