mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Chiz curses

I have little love for A.S Byatt, who's a bit self-regarding IMNSHO, but I never felt the need to throttle her before, even when she attacked Rowling and her adult readers for not writing or reading high quality litrachur such as is written by, oh say, A.S. Byatt. But I followed a link from someone's aggregates to her review of Pratchett's last in the Guardian. Now of course the link promised 'many spoilers', which I took for granted, but Byatt started off with the biggest honkingest spoiler of them all. Only myself to blame, no doubt, but even the comments were wailing OMG SPOILER WARNING FFS!!! Which either shows how dominant fannish thinking has become, or shows how many Pratchett fans read (or started reading) the review.

Byatt of course knows nothing of fandom and could care less. She is above such childish things, naturally.

Equally, I bought an H2Omop X5, which is supposed to steam clean everything except quite possibly my vinyl linoleum. The instructions are visual, with some text, but the text is daunting ('Turn the Lower Cord Wrap to align the cord channel opening with the cord channel in the Extension Handle') and the illustrations do not seem to show anything that I'm seeing with my eyes. My bro, whose sense of spacial relationships and Form Follows Function is much better than mine, succeeded in putting the main body together. But when I started sorting the many bits and trying to relate them to the pictures of same, I realized that eight of them were missing, including the strap that allows one to use the thing as a portable. And this is also my own fault, for buying from Walmart with its fast delivery. Have emailed them and shall hope for the best.
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