mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Yet more wonderful innovations from our Russian overlords

Oh, LJ, LJ, LJ. I wish I knew how to quit you. So now anybody's LJ when viewed on a mobile device will be in the annoying new style. You can opt out by going to Manage settings (which is, as ever, under profile, not my journal)- Display (not mobile), and click 'Use my journal's style when viewed on a mobile device' next to Mobile view. This returns your LJ to your own style. Anybody else's LJ remains in the horrible new style. (Why yes, I read other people's journals whom I haven't friended. Don't you?)

One can opt to view other LJs in one's own style, but that means it will always be in your own style, whether viewed on mobile or desktop. There seems to be no option for 'view everyone in their own style on my mobile'-- not until everyone else goes in and clicks that box.
Tags: lj

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