mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The grate outdoors

My squash plants are a-bloom with flowers. All the flowers are male. I believe the answer is to plant more squash plants that may produce females. This will take time, as I plant from seed.

Neighbours have a raccoon-scaring machine that drives my s-i-l to foaming fury, but which seems to have discouraged the squirrels to some extent. At least, so far nothing has eaten the squash blooms, which squirrels love to do.

Meanwhile there must be standing water somewhere in the vicinity (no wonder after the amount of rain we've had) because the garden is full of mosquitoes this year. This is why I haven't been out plum-picking-up as much as in other years. Happily, there seem to be fewer plums (and cherries) than before. Or possibly they just haven't fallen yet.
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