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One of the nicer Canada Days in recent memory. Last night my nursing friend texted, asking to spend the night: holiday schedules are like Sundays when the subway doesn't start till 9. This led, naturally, to a blitzkrieg bout of dusting and vacuuming and floor-washing, the which I'd been postponing for the last week or two, so I gained a clean(er) house thereby. A. said she'd be in around 10:30, which struck me as a bit late for someone who had to be up at 6, until I realized that if you're Muslim these days, 10 is when you have your dinner (and 4:30 is when you have breakfast, if you can be bothered. A. says she just drinks water.) A summer solstice Ramadan is no fun in these latitudes; I gather the days aren't as long closer to the equator. So she came in, bringing me whatever the Ethiopian equivalent of a paratha is-- fried bread with egg spread on top. Had some for breakfast: very filling.

Then went out with another friend to Edwards Gardens, a vast tract of park and woodland rather to the north of where I hang out. It connects with other ravine-linked wilderness areas in the middle of Toronto, most of which seem accessible only by car or the very fit biker. My friend has a car, so off we went; both of us have mobility issues, so we sat on a bench and ate a picnic lunch and talked about Pema Chodron.

After which I intended only to sit on the porch and read JS&MN, but somehow wound up trimming the hedge and breaking down the wooden table frame, with saw and hammer, because tomorrow is both garbage day and garden waste pickup. Also picked up the fallen cherries and made a half-cup of cherry juice from the whole ones. (You may see that most had been bird-pecked before they fell, but they are indeed at the soft ripe point, so dark that I can no longer see them on the branches.)

So I am virtuous, and would virtuously have an epsom salt bath after my labours, except that economy is also a virtue. Water rates have gone sky-high, from a need to replace our aging mains and because people heeding warnings to conserve water caused a shortfall in the department's revenue. So perhaps I'll have a virtuous shower instead.
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