mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A FWD day, except I remember the parts where I pigged out. Otherwise light-headed and spacey, even without Reactine. (Have I mentioned what Reactine does to me? Not pretty. Broke tablets in half on second day, which resulted in two episodes of not pretty.) So it must be allergies and air pressure affecting inner ear as ever, and I grow weary of it.

When I'm not so spacey shall quote the Langston Hughes poem I discovered last night in a front lawn library book, except it was the Wee Free Library across the street.

Did wash sheets at laundromat with its odd selection of magazines. There was one fashion issue displaying very indifferent (small tight skimpy with the material) designer jackets for $2300. If I were paying that kind of money be very sure the thing would be hand-tailored to my measurements.
Tags: health, rl_15

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