mjj (flemmings) wrote,

1. They said this summer would be like last summer and so far it is-- meaning much cooler than normal and nary a whiff of anything over 80F/ 26.6C, let alone near it. I sleep in a long-sleeved shirt under two duvets and wake to the cool morning air blowing in from the window fan. This may change at any moment, but even the famously 'hotter than normal' last week of June is looking to be more of same.

2. Physiotherapist says I can expect to be knocked out by walking distances that a year ago were a short evening's stroll. 'It's amazing how fast muscles can atrophy.' I thought bicycling would keep them up to some degree (am under no illusions as to which is better exercise, walking or city biking), but evidently not; or else it's different muscles. So yes, my legs are indeed flabbier than I remember them, alas.

3. The evening smells of barbecue. Ten years ago that would have sent me off in search of hamburgers and fries; now I feel slightly nauseated by it.

4. Mind, I still have whatever it is that hurts my throat and ear, and catches my throat, and sends me into paroxysms of spluttering coughing. Allergies for sure, boosted by who knows what else. So I would like to go for an evening walk around the block but will stay home with a hot toddy instead.
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